Natural History

Series: Animals Around the World

Series: Animals Around the World

by Jenny Vaughan


Series Available

  1. In and Around Trees
  2. Where Grasses Grow
  3. Where There is Ice and Snow
  4. In Oceans and on Seashores

Animals Around the World introduces 5 to 7 year olds to the different environments around the world, and the huge variety of animals that live in each of these habitats.

An introductory spread shows the location of the featured habitat in different parts of the world, and explains the importance of maintaining these environments, since without them the animals cannot exist.


Clear, informative text and location maps on every spread, together with a comprehensive illustrated glossary giving specific information on every animal illustrated, completes the picture.


  • Hardback
  • 48 pages, separate ends
  • 280 × 218 mm (11 × 8½ inches)
  • 5+ years