Natural History

The Time Travels of MEI LONG

The Time Travels of MEI LONG

by Susan and Peter Barrett


The Time Travels of Mei Long, Sleeping Dragon is a faction book on evolution, an entertaining
and educational picture book for 7 to 11 year olds.




Mei Long wakes up in strange surroundings. He is none other than the 125 million-year-old bird-like fossil skeleton named Sleeping Dragon (Mei Long in Chinese), discovered in China in the 21st century. He magically comes to life and we follow his journey through space and time as he wildly searches for his true place in history. As he scampers from spread to spread, frightened by strange creatures and overbearing environments, we are introduced to the mysteries of evolution.

A double-page fact-file spread at the end of the book charts his evolutionary journey.


  • 40 pages including 4/4 printed ends
  • size 280 × 218 mm upright
  • full colour throughout